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  • Driver Physiology & Trofeo Maserati reenactment

    AiM’s webinars recently covered logging/monitoring driver physiology (heart rate, breathing rate, oxygen concentration, continuous blood glucose, core temperature, etc.). I just turned 50, so I thought I would break out my old cycling computer & heart rate chest strap and log my heart rate...
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  • GUS
    started a topic 91 Mazda Miata SE #48 STS **FOR SALE**

    91 Mazda Miata SE #48 STS **FOR SALE**


    Thanks for looking.
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  • iwannadrive
    started a topic A few miata parts (and some others)

    A few miata parts (and some others)

    I have a few Miata and otherwise parts left in the shed, and I need to clear out some space, and hopefully make a few extra bucks for an upcoming Volvo 145 project... Make an offer on anything without a price!
    • (2) NB rear lower control arms (I want to say the guy I got them from, said it was
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  • iwannadrive
    started a topic WTB ASAP: 94-97 Miata CAS

    WTB ASAP: 94-97 Miata CAS

    Really in need of a solid working CAS for my '97 Miata... Anyone have one they can sell? I've been dealing with some mystery issues of cutting-out on my miata, and just had a nice 60-mile drive alongside the tow-truck driver a few nights ago. I'm 95% sure my CAS is failing once it warms up.
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  • WTB ASAP: NA Miata rear upper control arms

    I need one, or a pair of NA8 rear upper control arms as soon as possible! Bushings can be trashed - I will be putting my poly bushes in.

    I'm rarely down in the cities, but I will be tomorrow evening. So if I could meet someone tomorrow later in the day, that would be perfect!
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  • Long shot: FS: 1999 Miata Sport + tire trailer

    Hi y'all!

    I just found out that we're going to be moving across country (California, here we come!) so when I combine that with my minimal autocrossing these days (ahh, new fatherhood!) it's clearly time to put my 99 Miata Sport up for sale

    So why is it a long shot? Well...
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  • WTB: Cheap Miata Shocks / maybe 14" tires?

    The rear shocks on my '97 miata are 100% blown, and I need cheap replacements (for all four corners, or just the rear)

    This is just my cheap daily driver with stock suspension, poly bushings and FM sways, that I use for a 55-mile semi-daily commute to school.

    I am a college...
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  • Worn X-Ice Snow tires or new Ziex ZE-912 all-seasons for this winter?

    So, I have a miata now, and it is going to be my winter car for this year.

    It came with a set of 185/60-14 Michelin X-Ices on steelies along with it's bald 195/60-14 Azenis' on the stock alloys. Thing is, the X-Ice's have only around 1/3 of their tread depth. Do you think I'll be fine?...
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  • WTB: Sunshine red miata hood and trunklid

    I bought a '97 miata with hail damage, so I'm looking to replace the hood and trunk lid. I could repaint if needed, but I'd certainly prefer they be sunshine red. Also on the lookout for a good spring/shock combo or an adjustable coilover setup.

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  • iwannadrive
    started a topic WTB: reliable yet fun daily.

    WTB: reliable yet fun daily.

    So, unfortunately the time has come for me to get a reliable daily driver that I don't need to wrench on every few days, and that I can take driving through the salt. I am going to be making a 55 mile round trip commute to school and back every day, so reliability is pretty high on the list. But I am...
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  • sneefy
    started a topic FS: Miata Hardtop w/Defrost

    FS: Miata Hardtop w/Defrost

    Factory yellow Miata OEM Hardtop WITH DEFROST for sale. Will Fit any Miata 1989-2005.

    Asking $1100 obo.

    Superb shape. No fading, no scratches. Seals are good. Defrost is perfect. Original paint.

    Top latches.
    Side latches
    Side strikers...
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  • SmokingTires
    started a topic FS: 1993 Miata LE Race Car

    FS: 1993 Miata LE Race Car

    I would like to wait till the last rally-x of the year to finalize, but I'm throwing it out there.

    Will NOT sell hardtop by itself!

    1993 Miata LE
    159,xxx miles
    5 speed with Viscus LSD
    Power windows (still installed and functional)
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  • Tweetee
    started a topic Miata suspension for track

    Miata suspension for track

    I have a Facebook friend who mistakenly believes I know all things Miata. A friend of his has sent me a message full of questions about suspension that I am wholly unable to answer. However, I am a resourceful person who knows where to find the folks that have these answers. Any help for me...
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