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Novice School

Novice School FAQ (Edited 3/10/09)

What car class do I choose when registering?

We do not use classing in the school, so it’s not important. Any class is fine.

Do I qualify?

If you are just starting out, and have not taken this class in the past, you are welcome. You do not need any autocross experience at all to sign up. You must have a valid drivers license. Those with more than a year autocrossing experience, and those who have already gone through a school are asked to not register. If the class does not fill up, and we need more entrants, we may put out the call and relax the requirements a bit.

What if I don’t have a helmet?

We offer loaners to those who do not have helmets. We advise buying or borrowing one if you can. The loaners are shared and we don’t require hair nets! Helmets must be Snell rated, not just DOT rated. Snell 2000 and newer. (Look for an orange sticker under the padding inside the helmet.

See thread for more info on where to buy, what to look for, ...

What do I need to bring to Saturday’s class?

Bring an appetite for fun! Beyond that, bring the car you plan on driving Sunday, along with your helmet if you have one. We will be tech inspecting all cars on Saturday so we don’t waste time on Sunday. (More seat time for you!) Otherwise, you do not need to bring anything else.

What if it rains?

We run rain or shine. There are very few occasions where we will cancel or postpone an event. We have 2” of slush one year….that qualifies! Lightning will also shut things down for safety. Otherwise, plan on dressing for the wet if it is going to rain!

How do I prepare for Sunday?

We will go over all the things you need to do in Saturday’s class.

Can I share a car with someone else?

Sure can! Up to three drivers may share a car. We will ask that you split up into different groups on Sunday so only one is driving at a time.

What if I am under 18?

We will need to have a minor waiver completed and turned in for insurance reasons. You may request one if needed.

Do I need numbers?

We will use numbers for the class simply for the purpose of logging times. The rules regarding number legality will be waived. We will go over permanent number availability in Saturday’s class. For the class, painters tape or legible numbers printed on paper and taped to the windows will work.

Can I drive my [insert car here]?

Most definitely...probably! Don't be bashful about running whatever you've got...we're here to have fun, and we've seen it all. From Yugo to Ferrari, any car is fine as long as it is mecanically in good shape and not a roll-over risk. That means SUVs or trucks are generally not allowed, but something like a Ford Lightning or Chevy Cyclone would be fine.

What do I need to check ahead of time?

Make sure all your lug nuts are tight and none are broken. Make sure your battery is secure and strapped down properly. (This does not mean bungee corded down! Must be a mechanical attachment in solid shape.) Seatbelts (driver AND passenger) must be in good working order. Brake pedal must be nice and firm. Before an event, you will remove all the loose change, Big Mac wrappers, CD cases, and other random loose junk from the interior, and take down the fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror. Remember, you'll be doing some maneuvers that would be considered very violent by normal driving standards. If it isn't bolted down, it'll go flying! Ever see a garage door opener that was clipped to the visot go flying out the window? I have!

Can I come, even though I didn't get registered?

One thing you could do is show up at Midway on Sunday and volunteer to work the event or just watch. Bring your own lunch. We will require you to sign the waiver. We won't take any money from you.

What you can do:

Learn how an event works and experience the ambiance.
Participate in cone-replacement therapy.
Listen to the questions and answers that will abound around you.
Watch the cars while students are learning.
Watch the cars while instructors are driving just after lunch. It is at this time that your cone-replacement services will be most valuable to the club, since this is the period we are most stretched for workers.

What you can't do:

Drive a car. Only registered students can drive.
Ride in a car. The shotgun seats during the instructor-drive session are reserved for students.
There are always students standing in line for rides. (Phil Etheir)