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FRS - BRZ valve spring recall

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  • FRS - BRZ valve spring recall

    Well, just dropped off the FRS to get the warranty work done for the valve spring recall. Car has been running well, only real costs thus far have been tires, oil changes and a TOB/Clutch at 125,000 miles.
    As it's at 160,000 miles now; I'm going to have them swap out the TOB as a preventive while the engine is out.

    I'm sure most everyone else has their Twin in storage for the winter, so I will be able to advise how this goes.

    Did, hear if they do find a cracked spring, a new engine may be due.


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    WOW, interesting that they are touching this with 160 on the clock. Hope all goes well.
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      Originally posted by Gary H View Post
      I'm going to have them swap out the TOB as a preventive while the engine is out.
      Oh yeah, I'll make sure to ask for that one too. If you're due for spark plugs, I'd have them do those too.
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        Picked up the FRS last night. The springs were replaced and none were broken or cracked.

        While engine was out they installed new plugs and new TOB. ( other was still good with 30,000 miles on it) as a preventive.

        In addition to the plugs and TOB I had the TOB bearing retainer support changed. When I did the clutch at 125,000 it showed some wear, but was still in spec. ( it is aluminum and the TOB slides on it) Part was only $55 through Also got the updated spec TOB from them as well.

        And if you are doing your clutch, I recommend putting in one of the billet clutch forks and new pivot. I swapped mine when I did the clutch initially. It is still being debated that along with early TOB's being crap that the flexing of the OEM forks was causing early failures.

        It is nice to pick up the vehicle after 4 days of work in the shop and have the cost be zero !!

        Looks like a nice weekend for a drive.


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          Dang, I'm surprised they didn't charge you for the labor on the parts you supplied. Good on them.
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