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new spec miata shock - penseke!

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    ordered mine.

    interesting tech bullitin on why the penske isn't shorter that much shorter: because the suspension can't actually move any farther if they made it any shorter:
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      Thanks for posting that. Clears up a lot, and makes it clear that this might be an good solution for non-SM's too.

      Though I have to say that this seems like a confusing statement:

      The reason a raised upper mount was not developed to increase rear suspension travel is because the rear upper control arm would have metal-to-metal contact with the rear subframe. Then, the tire would begin to contact the wheel well, limiting travel gains, but more importantly, causing damage to the tire. you get metal-to-metal contact on the control arm, or tire-to-wheel-well contact? Either one of them should be a limiting which is it?

      My Penskes are out for rebuild with Guy Ankeny after four years of service. But when they come back, I'll have to compare lengths. I feel like they're shorter, but now I'm curious. I certainly don't have any metal-to-metal contact on the control arms or subframe, and I've taken fairly extreme measures to make tire-to-wheel-well interference a non-issue.

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        I don't know what they're using for bushings, but could it be metal to metal followed shortly thereafter by tire to metal after bushing deflection?
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