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  • My 1999 Corvette build thread

    I figured since this is a work in progress I can post a build thread on the website where I partake in the most events.

    To start I've always loved the white corvettes. Since my blue stealth days I've wanted a muscle car and something that handled. Short of building a pro-mod classic car, a corvette seemed to fulfill that build. I'll wait so you can get all the jokes out now....
    CB Antennas
    Plastic cars
    Tupperware as a sponsor
    midlife crisis
    the wave
    how corvettes park
    inability to scale anything more than 3" tall

    ...... ok back to me building the swiss army knife (IMHO) of vehicles.

    In January of this year I got a notification from craigslist that a new corvette was available within the price range filter I had. I looked at the add and realized it was a 1999 Corvette FRC in my favorite color, Arctic White. Granted it is in the middle of winter so I looked at the add, but figured that since the Miata is in storage I am going to sit on the idea.

    A week goes by and I can't stop thinking about the car. I figured if it is on my mind that much I should probably go look at it. Perhaps it is a piece of **** and doesn't meet my expectations (as it was fairly priced). So I talk to Ryan, who wasn't traveling for once, and we go check it out on Tuesday the 17th. It was on the showfloor at a local dealership and without the sales guy there (he was off), Ryan and I spent a good 30 minutes go over every inch on the vehicle. For the price, age, and mileage; it was a well kept car. Carfax checked out, so I figured I'll toss the Miata on craigslist and see what happens.

    Well I got a flood of interest on the Miata. Between Tuesday at 10pm and Thursday at 4pm I had 5 calls, 15 texts, and 6 emails. Had a nice young gentleman ask to meet me at the storage locker Thursday night with his buddies to look at it.
    He ended up buying the Miata the following morning.

    So then its time to wheel and deal on the corvette. Went down there around 3:30pm on Friday, January 27th, and did the most sacrilege thing ever. Drove a minty Corvette in the middle of winter on a test drive. Upon start up I was immediately grinning as it has aftermarket exhaust on it. Test drive went great, so I bought the car.

    History lesson:

    Chevrolet only made the Fixed Roof Coupe or Hardtop for 2 years, 1999 and 2000. It was designed as a "stripped" C5 with minimal options and designed for those wanting to track and race the vehicles.

    The particular car was born on Friday January 6th, 1999 (Day 5 of production for 1999 model year vehicles in 1999). This car was car number #71 off the line that day. As the 1999 model year started June 16th, 1998, this was considered a "mid year" 1999 vehicle. In fact it is 17,012th 1999 C5 produced that model year.

    Fun facts:
    33,270 1999 Corvettes produced of which
    4,031 Hardtops (Fixed Roof Coupes) were produced of which
    311 Hardtops were produced in Arctic White (2nd most rare color, only beat out by Nassau Blue Metallic)

    Effectively making this 1 of 311 made. Less than 1% of the 1999 corvettes are in this configuration, 7.7% of the Hardtops made were white.

    2000 Productions:
    33,682 Corvettes of which
    2,941 Hardtops were produced of which
    315 were White.

    When you factor across all FRC's, it is still 1 of 626 White FRC's ever made (8.9% made were white).

    Ok enough about why I really wanted a White one (rare and I love white)...back to the story....

    Right before test drive:

    Image may contain: car
    After initial test drive I realized that:
    • The stock shifter is garbage
    • The headlights are worthless
    • I can't stand the replica Chrome Wheels

    So the research started. I've always been a fan of the Z06 Speedline wheels, so I found a set locally in Mankato. Picked them on on following Saturday in January and snapped a few pictures with the car. The wheels were in impeccable shape. I also picked up a set of 2003 Z06 shocks he took off his car with, 5,000 miles on them.

    Trying to see how they fit (February of 2017):

    Car came with a few fun things. Corsa Indy 3.5" Pro Series axle back exhaust.
    The car also came with a blackwing intake.

    As I wanted to swap out to Z06 wheels and wanted to modify the car I settled on STU class. In hindsight my build aspirations are more towards CAMS, but this will work for now until I open up the motor.

    Thus I began to set it up for STU and was ready for MOWOG 1 with the following:
    Synthetic fluids all around
    New accessory belts
    New plugs (ngk) and wires (MSD)
    bunch of stuff to make it pretty like LED lights all around, new corner lights, C6 Z06 shift ****, MTI 6 shooter short throw shifter, pioneer head unit, etc.

    XS Power catted longtubes
    Corsa Catback
    Aftermarket air bridge
    Blackwing Intake
    Complete Tuning Solutions (ME) tune

    C6 Z51 swaybars with poly mounts. Front bar has auxiliary holes drilled in to make it stiffer if we need more of that
    Bridgestone RE71R tires, 245 front, 275 rear.
    C6 Z06 Speedline wheels
    C5 Z06 Shocks
    C6 oem swaybar end links
    Poly DRM steering rack bushing

    After Mowog 1 & 2
    Swapped out the C5 shocks for DRM Bilstein Shocks (Thank you Jason for the deal!).
    Swapped on my Russell Performance SS lines
    Installed Centric rotor blanks, installed Stoptech Street Performance pads
    Flushed brake system, installed MOTUL 600 fluid.

    So there is the list. Goal was to make a 110% FRC and I think it is getting there. The next round will put me into another class or I'll REALLY have to start spending big bucks but I am not building this car only for autocross. It is a daily driver in the summer (22mpg average, 30+ on the highway), and I want to take it drag racing and see if I can get SCCA licensing in it for road racing. I know if it starts seeing "big track" duty I'll need a new pad and rotor combo.

    Eventually It'll get even more tire, head + cam upgrade, rear differential upgrade and I'll officially go off the deep end. For now, I will continue to try to catch Ryan in my own car and maybe beat him eventually. Next crack at that goal is DCTC for Mowog 3.

    Last picture I took of it, right before Mowog 1.
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    Cool. I love the back story! Looking forward to seeing you and your vette at many more events.
    Jeff Rye #64
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      Originally posted by ryejeff View Post
      Cool. I love the back story! Looking forward to seeing you and your vette at many more events.
      Looking forward to more Jeff courses!


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        when this car was for sale, everyone i know was like .... "i should buy this"

        and im still a little bit kicking myself.
        2016 plans unknown. Have winter storage, tools and money.



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          Thanks for posting!!

          And as for the jokes, I am 40 and have a bright yellow s2000 with black wheels. So yeah one comment on midlife crisis. Embrace it
          2001 S2000

          Originally posted by 86SVO
          ..... then I found a broken chuck of plastic bumper cover to use as "paper".
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            and its White, the best Corvette color. The ONLY things I hated about my Z06 was the terrible seats and having to fix the pop up headlights... multiple times...
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              Great car and cool story! Thanks for sharing! (I initially mistyped that as "sharting" which I may still thank you for because I'd probably be laughing at you)

              And I hope to have my STU Evo in shape and ready for MOWOG 3. If so, I and Ryan Thompson will run it in Pro and I think you run in Z but it's still fun to benchmark times between people in the same "standard" class.
              Brian K.
              Car Wh0re


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                Fun read. Nice pics. Looks like a blast.
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                  Originally posted by BriK View Post
                  Great car and cool story! Thanks for sharing! (I initially mistyped that as "sharting" which I may still thank you for because I'd probably be laughing at you)

                  And I hope to have my STU Evo in shape and ready for MOWOG 3. If so, I and Ryan Thompson will run it in Pro and I think you run in Z but it's still fun to benchmark times between people in the same "standard" class.
                  Always interested in testing and comparing numbers, that is the tuner in me.


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                    I figure I'll make the updates for Mowog 7 and 8.

                    Car has been plagued by a slipping clutch that really showed itself at the drag strip. So now it is officially a CAM-S build as I added:
                    McCleod RST Twin Disc Clutch
                    MCCleod Steel Flywheel
                    Custom Heim-Rod differential mount and transmission/differential cage
                    Hinson Supercar Poly Differential/Trans cradle mount
                    Dorman LS2 intake manifold

                    Car is doing okay for power now. I need to find time to put it on the dyno, but I would estimate it is right in the 350-370 range for HP and TQ. Went to the track a few weeks back and with a DA of 3200 (89 degrees), car ran a 12.7@110mph. 1.93 60', learning to launch. If I have enough tire on it from MOWOG 7 and 8, I'll go back for one last hurrah the following weekend (rockfalls). I'd love to see a sub 12.5 timeslip @ 112+mph. For "power" I still have a 85mm MAF to put on and to port the throttle body. The intake manifold really lets it breath over 4k.

                    The RE71's on it are worn out. I'd like to find a pair of 18 x 10.5 wheels to match the rear and run a 285 square setup next season and take my 17's and put ET streets on there for the drag strip.

                    Excited to see how Ryan and I do with the changes in the Z class with the CAM-S index. I think the modifications will offset the index multiplier between STU and CAM-S. I KNOW when I go bigger tires it will. Even with the toasted 71's on there it still puts the power down better with the solidly mounted differential/transmission setup. No more "rocking" motion, which wasn't even felt until I made the custom mounts.

                    See everyone Saturday!
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                      Awesome!! I have been wondering where you have been at.
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                          Josh and I missed M5 and M6 so we could attend a couple of friend's weddings.

                          I would say the mods offset the difference on index. Now it needs more tire, and the rest of the power mods and all the other mods the new class allows... Guess we need to buy a salvage title car and get after it.



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                            At a minimum a 285 square setup is in order for next season, if I decide budget can allow HPDE competition of sorts. Otherwise I may go even larger and street drive/drag/autocross it only next season.

                            With more tire then I'll see what needs to be addressed for handling. It would be nice to lighten it up with seats, battery, harnesses, and add more power with head/cam package; but the money tree needs to have a good winter.