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  • Radiator Fan Advice Please

    As was disclosed before I bought it, I need to pick up a new radiator fan for the 91 Miata I just bought. I've signed up for the Mazdaspeed Parts program, so I at least have access to discounted parts. I still have a couple questions.

    The first is whether or not I can even get a non-Mazda fan and remain within STS rules. There doesn't seem to be an allowance to replace that fan within Stock or STS rules, so I don't want to go with the autozone special to find out it isn't allowed. If I'm just missing it, is it worth it to go with an off-brand replacement? Can they hook into the electrical system or do they need their own thermostats to control them?

    For a new Mazda fan, the parts program doesn't appear to have the whole thing together as one unit, but has the shroud, fan, and motor separate. Here are the parts I found that I think are correct. Can anybody help me out and verify or correct them? Any additional parts I'd need?

    B61P-15-140 - Fan
    B61P-15-210B - Cowling
    BPE8-15-150 - Fan Motor
    B6S8-15-T52 - Motor Screws (x3)

    There are also bolts labeled 99796-0616 that look like they're the 4 that hold the cowling onto the radiator and a 90906-0501 that looks like it has something to do with joining the fan blade to the motor, but I can't find either part.

    I could get a used fan, which seems like the simplest option and the prices are good. I found this ( on eBay, which looks like it'd work and is much cheaper than getting a new Mazda fan. Should I just go this route?

    Thanks for helping.
    Johnathan Gohde #311 - Borrowing #338 and the rocket ship attached to it

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    I would just get a used one.


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      There are a number of part outs in the for sale section at right now. Check to see if there are any there.