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Check your bank balance!!!!!!!

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  • Check your bank balance!!!!!!!

    Following our monthly meeting at a certain pizza joint in Bloomington, my debit card was compromised. The following day there were 2 un authorized charges over on that side of town, (places I have never been and would never have gone to) that clearly could not have been me. So now my card is canceled, I need to get it re-issued, file a complaint to try to get the $$$ back, and have to dig up come cash for the weekend.

    Check you accounts people.
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    Now I'm really glad I bought the gift cards at Costco for them.
    It was probably the last thing on your mind, but did you call Davanni's to let them know?
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      This is why I only pay in silver dollars.
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        I recall Shane discovering all their systems were on the same network as the wifi. I kind of hoped they'd fixed that at some point, but I guess they're still a huge security risk.
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          they did update their network when they updated the wifi and got new readers.
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