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Looking for recommendations a good jack

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  • Looking for recommendations a good jack

    So, since I have two sets of tires now I need a good jack to be able to swap between them for events.

    I don't have a garage so I'm looking for something light (preferably less than 50 lbs and with a handle) and on the smaller side that I could keep in my trunk with my tires to swap at events.

    Anyone have any good recommendations?

    I've also seen a lot of electric scissor jacks but not too sure about them, as they don't look super stable.

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    I have used one of the small aluminum harbor freight jacks for years just for this and it works great. Pretty light, fits in a tight spot and works. I think they are around $100 or so and you can usually look for one of their super coupons or sales and get it for around $80ish from what I remember. The older, larger version I have was a Torin, I forget what the newer, smaller one is, but they look identical
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    Originally posted by 86SVO
    ..... then I found a broken chuck of plastic bumper cover to use as "paper".
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      Ended up picking one from from Harbor Freight since it was pretty close to my place.
      Changed my wheels and it worked really well.
      Thanks for the recommendation!
      Just was that most jacks on Amazon under $200 have bad reviews or were 100+ lbs