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  • Roll cages in CAM-S

    Hi, I have a C5 Z06 that is legal for CAM-S except for two features. It can be licensed, but is not, and it has a roll cage, with no carpet and nascar bars which require the doors to be hollowed out. Is there a loophole in CAM like there is in the SCCA time trial rules which allow the removal of the interior if the car has a roll cage? If the car is not legal for CAM where would it fit?



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    Tough call. By the letter of the "rulebook" I think the "no racecar interiors" might push you out. That said I find it hard to believe that there would be an official SCCA ruling that more safety equipment would be a bad thing.

    CAM is a bit of an odd "run what you brung" class that intentionally has few rules. I think you would need to get an official call or the NASCAR bar issue from the SCCA itself to ensure you're OK at a national event.

    For a MAC event I'm going to say you would be fine, but as with all rule enforcement it's up to your class competitors. We don't have a big CAM contingent within MAC, but there are a could folks that show up, and since rule enforcement requires a protest to be filed by someone competing in the same class, as long as they are fine with it, you're golden.

    As far as what other classes you would be legal for, we would need to know more about what mods have been done to the car. SCCA Solo rules have several "levels" rather than a points system. Each step allows specific mods, and if you have an otherwise stock legal car that has a mod that is only allowed in "Prepared", that's where you would be legal. Again just like my statement above about being CAM legal, it's really all up to your class competitors. If they are all good with whatever you have going on, no harm, no foul.
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      Your mods may be OK for CAMS, with the following caveats:

      1. Although not a MAC requirement, I expect the "licensed and insured" requirement would be mandatory for SCCA National events.

      2. The roll cage should be OK, as long as the door (and any other interior) modifications are limited to what was required to install the side impact bars. The SCCA rules actually recommend roll cages, and refer to GCR road racing rules for related allowances. removing interior door panels for installation is specifically allowed in the GCR.

      3. The only other potential sticking point would be how far you've gone with gutting the interior. CAMS rules specifically allow removing carpet, but wholesale removal of the interior would likely be an issue.

      As John said, you're likely fine to run at MAC events, but may need to make a few changes if you want to run at National events.
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        It's all good until you're beating someone who's legal. I went to an event a week ago where a guy showed up in CAMT on Hoosiers and he finished 5th out of 14 in the class. 1st through 4th were kind of amused to beat someone on Hoosiers, 6th on down were kind of pissed. Nobody protested, but there was grumbling in grid about it.

        I wouldn't be bothered by it so long as you're at or above class weight, but I'm not in your class. The "finished interior" thing seems pretty arbitrary anyway.


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          Thanks for the replies, I think you are right about it's all good until I beat someone. It would likely be a lot less stressful to put some used Hoosiers on the car and go have fun in a different class.


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            And CAM-S is limited to 200 treadwear and higher tires. I think you'd probably have more fun with what you've done to your car running in BSP on DOT-approved Hoosiers (A's, not R's), although if all the interior carpet, etc. are gone you may already exceed what's allowed there, or if you're trailering anyhow go all the way to XP and run full race tires. Too bad SCCA got rid of AP and BP, but just not enough cars there. You could check, but I think at least one of the SM classes also allows UTQG of less than 200, but still requires DOT numbers. I've been running a C-5 Z-06 for several years, and they're great cars for the money.