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Need help classing my Hyundai AWD

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  • Need help classing my Hyundai AWD


    I have done some reading in the forums on classing of cars. I know I will be in novice. But I am very curious what class I would be if I would get the bug back. I am curious what model cars I would be racing against if I made class. 30 years ago I auto x with a highly modified caged VW Scirocco. I checked with the SCCA rules on rollover for my Kona and I am under rollover by .5 at stock OEM specs from Hyundai's website, now I am 2 inches lower then a stock Kona AWD. Also would I be eligible to go to a practice day to get some seat time before the first race next year? Looks like you have to be a member to get practice time and it looks like it has limited slots?

    My car

    2018 Hyundai Kona AWD 1.6T

    Engine bone stock except deleting a hot intake tube muffler to one tube with no holes cut into it to disturb sound to keep the soccer mom's happy with being 2 decibel quieter

    Eibach Pro-Kit (1 inch lower)

    Converted struts and shocks to 2019 Hyundai Elantra GT N-Line (another inch lower)

    Whiteline front control arm bushings (hopefully rear multi-link bushing by next spring)

    Front camber bolts

    Subframe collars

    Stock bars

    Motegi rims, same diameter, and 8.5 inches wide, 1 inch wider then stock, stock offset 52mm and new offset is 45mm

    Tires at this time are not stock and not choice for autox, but are the same size as OEM,(235/45 1 so Hyundai won’t use tire sizing against driveline warranty (they do that)

    Used front seats out of a 2017 Hyundai Elantra GT Sport

    Brakes stock

    Hopefully at race time, a DOT approved anti-dive 4 point harness, with pictures sent to manufacture to approve mounting point conforms with them in my car and it has been approved by them to be a DOT compliant at my mounting point

    Also what happens if I use a small light battery in place of my OEM heavy weight?? Novice ok?? and if I ever get to a class where does that come in with my posted mods?

    I am forced to keep the motor stock to keep driveline warranty (it’s a Hyundai) I question dual clutch longevity with heavy sport driving

    Here's a picture of the car below.

    Thanks for the help and especially Jeff Forss who helped me get my online registration forced, since no send back approval links where ever sent back to me by the site.

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    Welcome! Sorry about the trouble getting onto the forum. I'm glad we got your account straightened out!
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      For novice with MAC, you can run just about any modification that is safe. With your other mods, you are already out of street so using a lightweight battery will be fine.

      As far as classing besides that... my best bet is going to be STH catch all, if allowed (being it isn't a sedan or coupe) "Sedans & Coupes NOC (nonsports-car-based; 4-seat minimum; up to 2.5L forced-induction)"?

      Others can clarify more, I run Street (stock) classes so my knowledge of ST and SP rules are lacking
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        Anything goes in Novice class.

        Beyond that, This sound like it would be in a Street Touring Hatch (STH) class, under NOC.
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          Is a Kona a SUV/CUV or a car?


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            The Mona doesn't appear to be specifically classed, so it looks like the NOC (Not Otherwise Classed) "catch all" in STH would pick you up.

            The best place to look for classing/class rules is here:
            I think cars legal for STH are listed on page 207 or there about.

            Locally Novice is a good place to start, but you don't "have to" start there, you can enter your regular class right away if you would like.

            There are a lot of classes in autocross these days, so a few years back we started a "any car/any class, class that we call "Z". Every class is legal, and each class has it's own "handicapping" multiplier. This "in concept" gives every class an equal chance, but some classes are "more equal" on some sites/some surfaces/some courses. It does give you the opportunity to enter a class that has more competitors (Z often has 20-30) where a "regular" class may only have a handful if any.
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              Originally posted by Tman View Post

              Also would I be eligible to go to a practice day to get some seat time before the first race next year? [/IMG2]​
              It's a timed event not a race.


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                Originally posted by crouse View Post

                It's a timed event not a race.
                I was thinking racing against the clock.....


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                  Originally posted by crouse View Post
                  Is a Kona a SUV/CUV or a car?
                  I have pulled all the lift out, mine is a hatchback car now




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                    To answer your question about practice events: you need to be a member of the club to run them and we don't have any pre-season. The closest would be if we end up doing another pre-season fun event. With your past experience, you're not really eligible for the Novice notSchool.
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