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Classing my Ď09 Mini JCW

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  • Classing my Ď09 Mini JCW

    Hi I moved to Minneapolis last year and bought an 09 Mini JCW a few months ago. Now that Iíve (finally) got all of its issues sorted out, itís time to beat on it some and break something else. Itís been a few years since Iíve last autocrossed and was just looking at the SCCA classes but realized that they seem to have forgotten about mine (only the Clubman JCW listed for 2009). I think itís safe to assume that itís in D stock, but I just want to be sure. It is almost completely stock except for 2 parts: I just replaced the post-maf, pre-turbo induction hose with silicone, since it was over $100 cheaper than the OEM hose. Itís the same shape and size as oem, though, which is ok IIRC? The other aftermarket part is a GFB DV+ diverter valve. The stock valve is plastic and tend to break at inopportune times. But it doesnít increase power or anything...itís just all metal.

    Iím going to try to make it this weekend, but will be entering as a novice and donít plan on driving it hard. But I still want to make sure Iím in the correct class. Thanks!
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    If you are entering as a Novice, you don't need to worry about class at all. Here in the Twin Cities the Novice class runs heads-up and you get kicked out when you finish in the top ten percent.
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      Great! Thanks
      R56 Mini JCW | E46 M3 track car (in progress)