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Help with classing.

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  • Help with classing.

    I think I have my cars class figured out with my Mods, but wanted to get input and make sure I am correct.

    Car and Mods
    2014 Scion FRS
    Catless header
    E85 Tune
    Axle back exhaust

    The car is not completely catless, but from reading it appears the header puts me in CSP. Is that correct?

    Also how does the novice class work? When or what takes you out of novice and puts you in the correct class based on car and Mods?

    Jesse Hopper

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    With the changes you describe, and the cat you have is within 6" of the location of the OEM cat (or one of them if stock you have more than one), you could run STX, but running E85 is what exceeds the STX rule set.

    So, as your car sits, you are correct, it's CSP, if you ran it on pump gas (other than E85), you would be in STX.

    Novice is a good place to try out the sport. There is no classing of the car, it's a "run what you brung" class (with the exception that you can't run race tires, everybody must run 200 tread wear or greater tires). You can continue to run Novice until you trophy in the class, and then you can no longer run Novice and must sign up in the class your car fits in.
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      the tick Thanks for the help and information.