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2 series and Camaro Classing Questions

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  • 2 series and Camaro Classing Questions

    Hi all,

    Starting to look at some possibilities for this (or more likely next) season. I had a couple classing questions that. I wanted to get some input on.

    The 2014-2016 2 series had a port installed LSD option that SCCA noted could be added to the M235i and still remain in stock/street class. I was not able to find if this information applied to the 228i. Any clarification?

    The 2017 V6 Camaro has a Recaro seat option as well as a six piston brake option in addition to the 1LE package. I have found some 1LEs without the Recaro seats or the 6 piston brakes. Assuming I buy the exact OEM components from GM, would the car stay in stock/street class if I added those factory options to a car that didnít originally have them?


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    I'm npot sure about the "port installed option". You may need to submit a letter to the SCCA if you can't find that in the rule set (I'll try to take a look tonight).

    As far as the Camaro, yes, as long as you use ALL the OEM parts involved (make sure the seats weren't part of a package. If they were you need all that stuff too). Folks used to "convert" base '99 Miata's into the Sport package, but they needed to use all the parts (including the trunk spoiler, and front air dam, and even a different steering wheel) to be legal. As long as you can make it identical to the way it was available from the factory (this is where the port installed option question comes in), that's legal
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      I believe that the port installed differential was only available as an order item for the M235/M240 vehicles. The M aspect made the diff available, and that was a stopgap for the lack of a readily available M Car in that class. You'd have to find the BMW build/option sheet options for a 228i and see if it's available on that before it would be worth the effort to chase it up the tree. Thankfully, the BMW community seems to keep these around, so you'll likely be able to find one.

      I was looking at M235/240 options historically, but i couldn't find the clarification letter you mention even in regard to the Ms though, as like you mention.. it was kind of a port installed/trunk kit situation.
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