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Help with classing for AX

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  • Help with classing for AX

    Hello, Can you help me with getting my car classed properly?
    2003 Corvette Z06
    modified engine (Stroker)
    modified suspension (coil overs)
    bigger wheels with sticky tires for AX
    Licensed and registered Street legal (with street tires)
    Have been running in BSP but not sure if this is correct.

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    If it has a stroker engine, it won't be BSP legal - I'm thinking SSM will be where you land.
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      Cam -s would also work
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        If the engine was modified with OEM parts that were available in the vette, you might be clear in BSP, but if the stroker crank is non-OEM, that would take you out of BSP.

        Assuming the tires you are using have a 200 or higher tread wear rating CAM-S would be your best fit.

        If you take a look on this page there are links to the rules. CAM has very few rules beyond running 200 or greater tread wear tires, and vehicle weight.
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          Should be SSP I think for a C5, not BSP, but that stroker kit is going to push you out of Street Prepared. I'd have said SSM but CAM-S is a much better alternative.


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            To bad Josh S. left for TX. He and Ryan E. would give you a good run for your money in cam-s. Perhaps Ryan E will chime in here as he has a vette that is being prepped for cam-s.
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              CAM-S. Especially if you are running street tires 200 tread wear or higher. CAM-S is .833 PAX, any of the _SP classes are .85x.