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2019 PAX numbers are out

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  • 2019 PAX numbers are out

    John Mensch

    2011 Driver of the Year.
    Proud recipient of the 2008 Paul Weidner "Spirit of the Sport" award.
    Founder of F.rugal R.acing E.nterprises. (FRE) "It's not F.R.E.E., but it's close....."

    Quote section;
    Resentment: It's like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die...
    "If there is no plan, what can go wrong!" - Some Clown
    "I like to think of myself as thrifty, cheap sounds" - Same Clown
    To quote a wise man I once knew; "If you can't have a little fun what good are you?"

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    I dont see a pax # for K stock, which is about where the 914 should be.
    David Parsons
    1973 914. Kinda running.
    2000 Audi TT. 30+ mpg of fine art.
    2013 Jeep Compass. Wife's truck. Always.
    1993 Miata. Dad's to drive. Mine to maintain.
    2003 Kawasaki Ninjette 250. It followed me home.

    "Fix it till it breaks. Then fix it some more." Me
    "At the end of the day, when all is said and done- more is usually said then done" My Dad.

    Proud recipient of the 2011 Paul Weidner "Spirit of the Sport" award.