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    Well I have time to sit down and type a my own year end rap up. This was a very good year for the red rocket. I started in novice class. Just because I wasn't sure how the car would do with just tires as a mod. But it proved to be a very good car with just tires. When a driver mod was also added. Thanks again Dave for kicking my butt all season in my own car. And I am sad you will not be able to continue showing off what the car can do on weekends.(GL to you and the wife in your new adventures). The car started off plowing like a good International Harvester should. But as I got more familiar with the car. I noticed the rear to get loose more and more. Dave of course never experienced it. That just cause he's better then me at driving. I wanted to get to his level by the end of the season or at least a lot closer. But it just didn't happen. Maybe I am too old for any change. So as happy as I am with a 3 trophy car. I am almost as disappointed with my driving skills. All in all great year and thanks again to Dave B.