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April novice school recap

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  • April novice school recap

    Thank you to all of you who came out when you could and helped out. These events cannot be done without a team like you. We had "just enough" to make it work, no car hoping needed. If the morning we did have a minor issue of motion sickness with the instructors but they stuck with it or they were able to take the break they needed to recover.

    The weather was not the worst we have ever had for a novice school but all and all it was a good day, warmed up nicely in the afternoon.

    As posted in another thread there was some great driving by the novices, we all are going to have some strong competition in the near future! I enjoyed seeing the smiles after a good run and I hope that was also a sign of having a good time.

    A special thank you to the novice who stayed and helped pick up as well as the other experienced coarse cleaner-uppers who stayed to help clean up, I learned something from you about packing the truck. I believe we all left about 5:30, yes it was a long day but very rewarding with all the great improvements made by the novices by the end of the day.

    Thanks again to the students who were so willing to come out and let us into their cars and teach them what we know and also to let us drive their cars. For me it was a great way to start the season. See you all soon!
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    Agree it was a very fun day and a great event. Some awesome driving by the students!
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    ..... then I found a broken chuck of plastic bumper cover to use as "paper".
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