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Season tech at Novice School?

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  • Season tech at Novice School?

    I assume we will be doing this again during the novice school? If so, good to get the word out so people can come and get it done if they wish. Also a good reminder to make sure we have the season tech stickers with us!

    For those wondering, if you have run 5 or more events the previous season you can request a season tech of your car. You can do this at any event or after the novice school classroom session on Sat. We will tech your car, and give you the season tech sticker so you are allowed to self tech yourself for the rest of the season. This means no waiting in the tech line at every event unless you bring a different car.

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    Originally posted by 86SVO
    ..... then I found a broken chuck of plastic bumper cover to use as "paper".
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    Correct, I am actually sending out a mass email about this right now. Gordon has the season tech stickers and will be delivering them
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