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    I will take check in, worker check in if it had not been takin.
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    Nic (doesnt pre-read posts seplling and tiping mistakses and a;; ) Bedell


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      Ok everyone, we have everything but the truck driver spot filled!

      I moved Grid setup to Friday evening, as we are setting up course that night. Let me know if that changes anything!
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      Originally posted by 86SVO
      ..... then I found a broken chuck of plastic bumper cover to use as "paper".
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        And for the record, the truck is back to its usual sound levels again.
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          Hey all,
          I have a couple good candidates for timing trailer work throughout the day. Normally I would let Leona know; I can PM Steve magicsammy or just post'em here. People who I think did well at the novice event in the trailer and would love to keep a good thing going.