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    Just an update on the DOTY jackets. The jackets will be in my hands on Monday. However, the embroidery shop that has all of our artwork and proofs says they have been booked solid and will be through Jan 3. This is cutting it VERY close, but I am working to see if they can get them done for us in time for he banquet. It is always a bit tight on this, but this is very close! I think they can run them in a day or two, so we may be ok.

    As another update, thanks for the inputs from many. I was able to find some nice jackets (Columbia again! ) on sale that met our cost and layout needs, that mostly fell into what a few others recommended. They are very similar to the ones a couple of years ago (the lighter grey ones) but have a bit more insulation than those did I think. Pic for reference. I hope the DOTY folks are as happy about these as the guy below is!

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    ..... then I found a broken chuck of plastic bumper cover to use as "paper".

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    Cool. Thanks for all your work on trophies and jackets and stuff!
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      No horn, no want.
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