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  • Mowog 3 Photos

    Yay, more pictures. I tried to get one of everybody leaving grid in run group one, since I didn't have a spotter, and one of everybody in run group 2 on the course when I didn't have to work.

    Here's the link:

    And a few that I like:

    922 by aranach, on Flickr

    383 by aranach, on Flickr

    46 by aranach, on Flickr

    Edit: One more favorite - wheel in the air style:

    1 by aranach, on Flickr
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    Cool! I like the shots of all the cars leaving grid - very Top Gear-esque
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      Nice shots! Especially the "1" flying car.

      1 by aranach
      very similar to the one I took, but I didn't catch him flying
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        LOL! I forgot someone took a picture of me rolling my spare though the grid.

        They see me rolling by aranach, on Flickr

        I really like that you got pictures other than just cars on the course. It's nice to see what else is going on, sort of captures the "feel" of the event. Thanks!
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          Cool! Awesome shots guys I didn't know I was lifting a wheel anymore with my new suspension but clearly I am. Ha
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            Thank you!

            I need to play with my settings some more on my camera to do the nice motion blur shots.
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